First Baptist Church Waynesville
Monday, December 11, 2017

Our Facilities

First Baptist Church is a growing church located inside a growing building in a growing town. Folks around Waynesville have been known to refer to us as "that church that builds every year." Additionally, our "Builders for Christ" team isn't just content to build our own buildings - every summer, they team up with other churches and build for a congregation in need somewhere in the United States!
In the summer of 2004, we were blessed to be the designated "Builders for Christ" spot! In addition to our current facilities, we have 15 new educational/multi-purpose spaces on either side of our gymnasium.
Our current facilities include:
A sanctuary which seats approximately 300

A nursery/children's wing
A youth department

2 kitchens

An outdoor playing area with playground equipment

Club 56/Awana rooms

A large gymnasium, used for about everything including:
Upwards Sports
Church dinners (you don't want to miss these!
Youth lock-ins
Other uses as we think of them!
And we just added on 15 more Sunday school rooms in the summer of 2004, on either side of our gym.