First Baptist Church Waynesville
Monday, December 11, 2017

Club 56

First Baptist Church of Waynesville offers a Bible-centered ministry for fifth and sixth grade boys and girls. Our purpose is to turn every clubber we touch into fully devoted followers of Christ. Our plan is for attendees to learn God's plan of salvation, how to study the Bible, offer rewards of learning and memorizing God's word, and to instill the joy of serving others for the Lord and growing their personal relationship with Christ.
Club 56 meetings will focus on interactive Bible studies on the Romans Road, Armor of God, Money God's Way, Prophecy, and Creation versus Evolution. Clubbers are encouraged to memorize scripture and expected to come to class prepared to recite memorized scripture from their handbook.
The Blessing
A ceremony for Sixth graders defining the transition to the youth group. The evening includes a sit-down dinner including their parents and siblings, presentations and prayers.